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Thread: Have you ever heard your own car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosevi View Post
    Regarding the racing driver matching the Elise time in the 348 I'm not surprised - in the right hands they are quick enough as has been seen in the Pirelli Hill Climb over the years where a 348 held the outright record on a couple of the twistier tracks, one on it's own, the other in the same time as a 430 Scuderia. If it was me I think the difference between the times would have been more than 2 seconds.

    Regarding the 360's better cornering ability, again, unsurprised - that's progress and the 360 is a seriously capable machine. My guess is those speeds are both with the active suspension on on the 360? Is it possible to simply switch it off? I'm guessing the active dampers wouldn't do a very good job with the system disabled but must confess I don't know enough about the system. If the active suspension has to be on (and as I say, I don't know the system at all but most do) then in fairness the 360 did those speeds with some driver aids and all driver aids if you see what I mean. Takes nothing away from the difference in ability, as I say, that's progress
    Even with driver aids, make you wonder why the 360 & California are the most crashed Ferrari's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelis View Post
    Even with driver aids, make you wonder why the 360 & California are the most crashed Ferrari's.
    I’d love to argue that it’s down to 348 (being the last car before the advent of most driver aids) drivers being that much more talented but I’d think it’s a combination on a numbers game and a perception game. Firstly there are simply far more Calis and 360s on the road, you could almost say they’re common . Secondly in a more modern car you often have the feeling that the tech will make up for any short fall in talent and drive accordingly. Realisation that it hasn’t is often experienced a split second before going through a hedge backwards. In an older car you know if you **** up it’s going to hurt and so you drive with this in mind. My guess is new 360 or Cali owners push their cars towards the limit much earlier in their ownership than those who buy the older models. You’ve owned both - fair to say you felt confident pushing on in the 360 much sooner than you did in the 348?

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