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Thread: I think I have a very expensive engine issue with my 360. Any ideas?

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    Really sorry to hear about this Dave...
    I was musing this situation... as you do.
    One of the maintenance procedures which has always seemed a bit crude to me on the 360 is the procedure to lock the cam wheels when changing the timing belts.
    On other cars, there are fancy bespoke tools etc. but with the 360, its a pair of locking pliers, applied to the cam wheels themselves, locking them together.

    But how tight should the locking pliers be? and would an over zealous or inexperienced tech, who has the pliers wound up too tight cause too much force on the cam wheel, causing variator to crack or weaken - finally resulting in a failure?



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    Quote Originally Posted by dave964 View Post
    Somewhat OT - but if there is such a thing as car karma, I must have done something very bad to a car at some point!

    Whilst the Ferrari is currently dead, Alfa has thrown a check engine light twice this week (O2 sensor). Ok, not a big deal - it did it a couple of months ago so I was half expecting it. New sensor ordered.

    So today, I left the Alfa at home and used the Aston for work. Our work car park has those (manual) post things which are lowered into the ground when the office is open, and raised when it's closed.
    I got here before the security guard opened the car park - when he did, I followed another car in. What I didn't notice, is that he hadn't closed the lid over the post - and although the entrance to the car park is flat, after the entrance it becomes a fairly steep downwards slope.
    Horrible scraping sound as I pulled in the car park, and it looks like it's bent one of the front mounting points for the rear undertray and probably ruined the undertray.

    Out of 4 cars, I currently have 3 that have something stopping me from driving them - although admittedly the Alfa and Aston could be driven.

    Decided to extend Easter weekend - tomorrow, I will be laying under an Aston, and Friday I will be replacing an O2 sensor on an Alfa....

    I must be getting some of the good luck you're not getting (that's torn it). My Z3 had an advisory on the MOT, completed just before I bought it. It was that the airbag light did not light up on startup. I asked the seller to fix it. Low and behold when it turned up the airbag light was on. I've managed to extinguish it after five months by using the reset tool I bought. I thought it would be more involved.
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