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Thread: the price of a 328

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    Quote Originally Posted by jos View Post
    Take a look at the PH listings for example - Forza288 & KHPC show four red sold with 58-73 asking at around 50000 miles
    Not understanding you here. What do you mean by PH listings? I've never seen anything on PH that lists actual selling prices as opposed to asking prices

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    You asked at what price point cars were selling - those four ads showed cars that had (probably) sold recently

    Whilst they may not give selling prices they certainly would not have sold for more than the asking price therefore your question is to some extent answered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosevi View Post
    I guess you could argue there was a step from 348 to 355 and a step from 355 to 360. Regardless of exactly where you draw the line though, a 348 feels pretty 'old fashioned', a 360 feels modern, so comparing a 328 to a 360 in terms of value doesn't really make sense imo. You're not paying for rarity, as the OP says 328s really aren't that rare, I guess you're paying for the old-school driving feel and looks - personally I think the 328 looks stunning. You may even be paying for the fact a 328 is extremely simple to work on compared to a much newer model.

    I agree - and that the 328 (partic GTB) is a stunner.

    I just don't think that there is a 'market rate' for particular cars at particular mileage at present. Because IMO each car has its own merits and value.

    Whereas if you are talking about a BMW 320d and there are 80 for sale on Autotrader all the same year - then yes there is a mass market and good consistent pointer to values.

    Market for Ferrari is very niche at present IMO.

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