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Thread: Pescara Cars and successors - avoid

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    Default Pescara Cars and successors - avoid

    I just read this on another F place and felt it ought to get a wider airing:

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    There was a thread running on PH a few days back and true to form it was deleted...

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    With my Mod's head on, and having dealt with weeks of legal wrangling and lawyers etc regarding a similar case when I was a committee member, could I ask that members be careful what they write on this subject.

    Linking to an interesting thread on another forum - probably no issue (although it could well cause the committee hassle, but hey, I'm not on the committee... ) Making or 'sharing' unsubstantiated claims of criminal activity that you aren't willing and able to back up in court - probably not a smart move and it'll only end up with legal threats made to the committee and forum as a whole.

    I totally understand PH deleting said thread as they've done in the past. We chose not to last time, weighing up the hassle (including legal threats made to the committee members personally) against the potential of members to end up in trouble if they dealt with a certain outfit. Just be aware that when you make such claims you aren't in fact 'anonymous' as the forum obviously has ip address information every time you access it. Last time around we refused to hand over ip address and email address information of members which is one of the reasons we ended up in weeks of legal arguments.

    Just asking that members be careful what they say on this sort of subject

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    Best way to avoid problems is for anyone thinking about using a particular company is to ask for any feedback on this forum by PM. Also if this thread gets legs and starts into a rant about a particular supplier then we should pull it.

    Yes I know this ethos can result in bad guys getting away with the same old again and again, but this forum isnt an enforcement authority or the police !!

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    I work a couple of miles away from Pescara Cars near Horsham, I popped in there one lunchtime back in April to look at a Cosworth Escort which was a very tempting low mileage example at 50K. Very nice professional looking premises and stock.
    Ollie introduced himself as I was leaving in the daily VW Golf, talked about cars told him I had a 355, and he seemed a bit over interested in selling it for me, bloody good job I wasn't interested in selling it!
    Anyway, he invited me to a Sunday morning coffee and car meet a few weeks later but the meet was cancelled at short notice. I drove past a little while ago and there were several Aston Martin racing car transporters in the car park.
    Thank you for the warning, I am very glad I wasn't selling the 355, if I ever do I will do a lot of on line research before I do a SOR.
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