Hi, I've posted this over on FChat as well - trying to gauge level of interest:


I’m looking at reproducing the original Speedline pattern of 16 inch 308 series wheels in magnesium rather than aluminium. It’s always bothered me that the current aluminium 8’’ reproduction wheels do not have the right offset (the 8’ ‘rear Speedline wheels had a larger ‘dish’ on the outside which I think looks great), and of course there is the weight saving of magnesium over aluminium.

I was wondering if there would be any enthusiasm for this project?

I’ve been in touch with the foundry that originally cast Speedline wheels in the 70s and they can reproduce the wheels based on their experience with magnesium and my original Speedline wheels but the price is pretty high - Euro 6400 per 4 wheel set (2x7’’; 2x8’’).

Is this something that people would be interested in?