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Thread: Enzo magazine seeks 348 for feature

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    Default Enzo magazine seeks 348 for feature

    Hi all, Enzo magazine is looking for an original 348 GTB and a 348 Spider for a feature re-appraising the car's handling. We have an owner with a slightly modded car (with rear wheel spacers) and are looking for a completely original GTB and Spider for comparison. The feature will include some time on road and some time at the Bedford Autodrome - we would like to be able to see what the cars do at the limit. This will be restricted to a few runs through the same corner. We're not after lap times or wearing out tyres and brakes, we just want to feel the car's limit handling in a safe environment.

    If you have a fit car that you enjoy driving and would like to see featured in Enzo, and would like the chance to try your car for yourself at the limit, my contacts are below.

    The date is next Thursday, November 22, start time 10am, finish approx. mid-afternoon.

    John Barker, editor, Enzo
    07710 234762

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    I know a guy with a GTB who doesn't live all that far from Bedford Aerodrome so will pass the request on.

    Edit: Maybe a daft suggestion but if you have an owner with a 348 with spacers on why not just run the test with spacers fitted and not fitted? Depending on the type of spacer you'd surely just need a separate set of bolts?
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