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Thread: spares availability for older V8 models

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    I can certainly echo the comments re 348. Due to the age of these cars there doesnít seem to be a problem that somebody hasnít already encountered and addressed. And people are incredibly helpful. Parts arenít too bad. You have to pick and choose what you buy and where. Some are unavailable but a bit of searching and patience usually gets results. (Although Iím still searching for an engine guard).

    I would suspect this goes in phases as cars fall out of warranty etc. get a bit older then more people look to solve the problems themselves.

    At the end of the day there isnít anything money canít sort / recreate. Classics might need a new piston or block, but anything mechanical can be the made in a machine shop; as mentioned GTO are doing this already. As the electronics era cars come of a certain age and the sensors/ecus etc are no longer available somebody clever will be able to recreate them.

    Ferrariís recent business plan/strategy seemed to imply that one aspect of the business was to better support older cars, or perhaps I miss read!

    Ultimately I donít think these cars are any worse than any other car of a similar era, other than perhaps the owners of Ferrariís are more dedicated/passionate thus solve the problems as they come along.

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    The F430/Scuderia/16M TCU is on indefinite back order. I know of two people currently with a bricked TCU who are stuck without a working car and no idea of when they will be back in the driving seat again. Hopefully the factory is just waiting for a sufficient amount of orders before progressing with a new batch, but to me it is a bit of a warning sign.

    Various parts for the manual car are now discontinued - at the moment non essential items like trim.

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