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Thread: Ferrari 348 - Red brake light on dash / 5% brakes / Hard brake pedal HELP!

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    Default Ferrari 348 - Red brake light on dash / 5% brakes / Hard brake pedal HELP!

    This is my first post on here - I own a 1995 Ferrari 348 convertible and the red "Brake" light came on the dash and the brake pedal became rock hard.
    Brakes are pretty much inoperable - probably 5%

    This has happened 1 other time while I was driving - pedal goes rock hard and brakes are pretty much gone! That is a great feeling to have when you are driving a very expensive car down the highway. Got it back to my shop and a fuse was blown.
    ((PET PEEVE - how can a .10 cent fuse operate the ENTIRE BRAKING SYSTEM ON A $100k car! - INSANE!))

    We have replaced EVERY single fuse under the front hood and no luck.

    Please help any ideas????
    Thank you very much

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    You may want to read through this as it deals with the Teves system. Scroll down for reference to the hard brake pedal you have. It may point you in the right direction. The system or its variants appears to be used by various manufacturers.

    First port of call for me would be to clean all electrical terminals on the pump etc.
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