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Thread: Leather repairs - GENIUS!!!

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    Default Leather repairs - GENIUS!!!

    When I get in and out of my F430 I have this habit of dragging my right foot across the door card by the lower speaker. It's a hangover from big knee ops years back. As a result i have scuffed the card and damaged the leather.

    I've been on the look out for a possible repair and a few weeks ago I found these folks.

    I took the car over on Friday and they totally sorted the damage. It was sanded, filled, sprayed and polished and looks absolutely perfect.

    The folks sell their products for DIY or you can turn up and the lady that repaired my was nothing short of a genius.

    If you have leather, plastic, trim, seat damage, I can't recommend them highly enough.
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    Here are the before shots, the after shots are pointless as it's better than brand new.

    I have no connection to this company and just want to recommend a great service that I am sure we will all need at some point.

    They fixed a bit of seat scuffing at the same time and gave me a free pot of Nero leather dye to use myself.
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    Great to hear

    Got to say, still think it's worth putting up the after shots if you want to give a 'shout out' to the company so other members know how good they are

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    Great intro John. I had the door cards off on my GT4 recently to fit some new window felts and stupidly managed to put a small chip in the leather. I already had the correct colour paint from Mark Wibberly's More than Polish but the little chip needs filling. These might be the guys to do it and quite close to where I am. Good tip. Thanks.

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