I would definatley leave the Rack in place for now if there is such a small amount in there. When I did mine there was a pool of fluid in the boot and it was visibly dripping from the end.

The Rack is a PITA (Lots of BLUE air) to remove and not a few hours job. Even main dealer were quoting 10-15 hours to remove/refit if I remember rightly. Needs to come out from the boot due to the steering box so removal of the inner boot panel and membrane would be required. Also, the AC Dehyrating Filter is in the way of sliding the rack sideways to extract and ideally the needs to be removed. I managed to prise it past but you risk cracking an AC pipe. Here are my exploits in this respect.


Anyway, Western Power Steering are the guys that seem to be prefered choice. DL use them and reccomended them to me. They said they get them from all over.

I think I remember them saying the rack was the same one fitted to DAF vans. Definatley no special item. THey could probably advise on any replacement parts. Refurb cost £470 IRC.