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Thread: Is there any point of carrying a spare wheel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweeni View Post
    My 550 came with a bottle of Ferrari branded sealant (now expired so replaced with a new bottle of Holts). I understand however if this is injected then the tyre is damaged and only to be used to get you home. is this true or just the tyre manufacturers covering their jaksy to get a sale?
    Its true + drive like a saint if you ever have to use it !

    I just bought one of these kits to roadside repair nail / screw punctures :-

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    And one of these to pump it up afterwards :-

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    22.00 for the pair delivered ( from Amazon )

    Any puncture that i cant fix with this will be an AA recovery job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelis View Post
    I have a 360 space saver wheel that I got from Stevew for my 348 a few years ago. Have considered putting it in my 360 but needs a bit of work plus have to get a jack and other tools. Just adds to the weight at the front.

    I've used the tyre foam stuff a few times now and it actually works if you do it properly and the hole is not too big. It does leave a big mess inside the tyre though that tyre fitters hate removing.

    A potential issue with the foam stuff is that it can damage the rims. On my Magnesium 355 wheel it looks like some of the stuff seeped out onto the rim and marked it. I probably didn't shake the can enough??

    In the pics below, you can see the size of the screw in my tyre. I think it was the time I noticed it at Brooklands Auto Italia. Got the foam stuff from the Shell station down the road and then drove 60 miles home with it.

    Not sure if holding a tyre on the lap is a good idea. A woman dies when it blew up whilst on her lap.

    A freak accident, but....

    Personally, I would just call the RAC and if its a small hole, get them to bung it up using those kits.
    Interesting, I thought that once the gunk was used then the tyre was useless and could not be repaired.

    I've bought one of those kits above. eBay and about 7 after a thread Mike1606 posted.

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