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Thread: 348ts 1992 for sale.

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    The market has been very slow since last year. It is an artificial outward picture because many cars are on SOR and dealers who have none of their own money in cars keep using words like 'investment'. The myth is fine but the reality is no one is prepared to actually hand over money for a car these days unless it's far cheaper than the artificial figures being bandied around.

    That ship sailed some time ago and the lack of real activity around manual 430's, 550's and manual 575's, all of which are meant to be ultra desirable but are not selling is quite interesting. Talking to dealer friends the reality appears to be nearer 2013-4 levels.

    Shuffling a car from dealer to dealer on SOR does not mean it has 'sold'.. it has simply been moved on for someone else to try!!

    I have a friend who has been trying to sell a 360 for a year now. It's a lovely car, very well maintained, but he is too optimistic with his pricing and to my knowledge has not had a single viewing. The reality is he could sell tomorrow but at 20k below what he was asking this summer.

    The London housing market around the 500k-700k range has always been my indicator of the real state of things and there are plenty of unsold properties around nowadays too that would have had bidding wars going on two years ago..

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    Here we go again...

    348ts for on piston-heads. Reg F348 XTY
    348ts rear battery model, rosso creama,full red.. no black bits.
    It was registered in 1992, 70k miles, full service history, sports exhaust, before i got it 12 years ago it was serviced at R&D in manchester, then serviced by fast car clinic in bradford and belts always done by northern supercars in blackburn.
    Over the last three years spent quite a bit on bringing it towards a decent standard.
    full bare metal respray three years ago ,
    new leather seats two years ago,
    New valance
    Wheels done
    Rear wheel spacers
    Tyres only have a couple of hundred miles on them
    Just had full engine out clean and belts done.
    I have a list of items done over the years. Quite long...
    The car is decatted as well.
    open to serious offers, quite a few different values on Pistonheads.
    At the moment its being detailed etc. At Northern supercars then will be on pistonheads. Car can be viewed there if needed, pictures will be loaded when i get the car back.
    Pm me for phone number to discuss if you want or want more info..

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