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Thread: EU - in or out

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    I'm not sure Mark Carney is a good example since the British people didn't buy into his 'Project Fear' and his only response was to recently crank it up for 'Project Hysteria'

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    "The fact of the matter is that will be worse off out of the EU without question"
    - financially, maybe so. But to be honest Mark Carney's end of the world predictions after the vote didn't come to pass. Not every business is pro remain, with Dyson being one of them. And to be honest, who would I trust more on such matters? a self made billionaire or an institutionalised suite? I like Mark (being 1/2 Canadian I might be biased) and thought he was doing a good job until he opened his gob re. Brexit!)
    - sovereignty - no;
    - law - no;
    - immigration - no (There's absolutely nothing stopping the UK, defining whatever skills and numbers requirements etc it requires, and that includes low skilled works. Now whether the civil servants/politicians have the wit to do this is another thing; and from my experience of getting staff visas unfortunately I doubt it.)

    I doubt her plan will get through either; however its Monday and my pint glass is 1/2 full, so I'm hoping that she is planning on using the negative result as a bargaining chip with the EU (assuming they have woken up to reality this week and the fact they have as near as much to loose as we do with a no/poor deal. Again doubtful.). At the end of the day as we all know negotiations are never finished to the absolute last minute so all the press and childish MPs expecting negotiations to be completed months before the deadline will just have to wait a bit longer. And we will all have to suffer a few more months of sensationalist/biased news reporting.

    Anyway, enough procrastination for one morning...I've a mountain of work to be doing!

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